337. Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy in Ovarian Cancer

Marco Ceresoli, M.D Luigi Frigerio, M.D. Luca Ansaloni, M.D. Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital Bergamo, Italy
The new england journal o f medicine 1362 n engl j med 378;
14 nejm.org April 5, 2018

We analyzed the recurrence pattern:the rate of recurrence of peritoneal disease among patients treated with HIPEC was 29 percentage points lower than the rate among those in the surgery group (14% vs. 43%, P = 0.03) (Fig.
1).1 This finding could suggest an interpretation of the effect of HIPEC on survival not only in improving progression-free survival but also in influencing
the pattern of recurrence. Can the authors provide data about the recurrence pattern?