265. Conservative reconstructive surgery with absorbable adhesion barrier on cervical fibrous cord patient

Prècis. Conservative-reconstructive surgery appears to be the best choice of treatment on patients with cervical fibrous cord with vaginal agenesia.
Background. We report a case with cervical fibrous cord with a complete vaginal agenesia who underwent conservative-reconstructive surgery and vaginoplasty with absorbable adhesion barrier. Case report. A 15 year old female with a history of
cyclic, abdominal pain and primary amenorrhoea was presented. A three-stage surgical procedure was performed. After obtaining a vaginal space with blunt dissection (stage I), a laparotomy was performed to create an uterovaginal fistula through the cervical fibrous cord (stage II). An oxidized regenerated cellulose and a lubricated mould were positioned in the vaginal pouch to maintain the patency
of the new cavity (stage III). Conclusion. This young woman, submitted to regular
follow up, now has regular menstruation. A conservative surgical approach should be considered as the first-line treatment option in such cases.