259. Prevenzione dell’aborto in occidente: quanto conta la contraccezione ?

ABSTRACT. The diffusion of effective contraceptive means through sexually active populations has been perceived as an essential tool for reducing the recourse to
voluntary abortion among vast layers of medicalgynaecological professionals the.
Limitedly to western developed countries, in the present study we searched for the sources with the aim to clarify connections between contraceptive coverage and recourse to voluntary abortion. A separate evaluation has been performed for teenagers. Post-coital levonorgestrel has been excluded from
the present analysis. Neither observational evaluations, both longitudinal and cross-sectional, nor interventional studies showed a significant role for contraception as a mean for prevention of termination of pregnancies. Altogether in western developed countries data show that the recourse to abortion is a multifactorial phenomenon linked to both pre-conceptional and post-conceptional factors, where spreading of contraception is not associated to the predicted and pursued reduction of the abortive phenomenon.