251. Aborto farmacologico mediante mifepristone e misoprostol

L. Battini, A. Caruso, V. Costigliola, M C Del Poggetto, C. De Punzio, V. Facchini, L. Frigerio, A. Lanzone, S. Mancuso, D. Musumeci, E. Neri,  M.A. Ni Odhrain, G.Noia, L.Puccetti, R. Puccetti, L. Ricci Paulesu.
It. J. Gynæcol. Obstet. 2008, 20: N. 1: 43-68
ABSTRACT:  Study of medical abortion constituted by experts in different medical area with the assigned task of reviewing medical literature on the safety, efficacy, effectiveness and tolerability of medical abortion by mifepristone and prostaglandins on a quality level. Studies show, on the whole, an increased mortality rate considering the same gestational age, a not better safety profile, lower efficacy and effectiveness of medical abortion with respect to surgical procedure. Temporal connection from marketing authorization of mifepristone and increased abortion ratio in some countries suggest the need for further studies accomplished by appropriate methodology to verify or dismiss eventual causal or promoting links.