188. Feasibility and Complications of Systematic Lynphadenectomy in Endometrial Cancer: Preliminary results of a Prospective Randomized Clinical Trial

(In coll. P.Benedetti-Panici, J.Sardi, E.Campagnutta, G.Scambia, S.Tateo, G.Pelusi, G.Garozzo, M.Franchi, G.Garuti, c.Scarabelli, F.Raspaglesi, P.Scollo, G.Giardina, A.Monaco, G.Garzetti, C.Merisio, F.Parazzini, M.Atlante, N.Manci, G.Mangili, G.Soderini, S.Morana, A.Giorda, F.Maneschi)
Internat J Gynecol Cancer. Vol. 7, Suppl. 1, 88, 1999
Summary: Systematic pelvic (at least 25 nodes) and event.aortic lymphadenectomy (arm A) versus no lymphadenectomy or bulky nodes resection  (arm B) were studied in 485 patients with Endometrial Carcinoma from October 1996 to February 1999. Postoperative complications occurred in 17% of arm A and 13% of arm B patients. (p=0.2). Systematic lymphadenectomy in patients with endometrial cancer is feasible procedure, with a mild increase of postoperative morbidity.