187. Surgical Treatment of Endometrial Cancer (EC) in the Elderly (E) and Very

Elderly (VE): A Multicentric Prospective Study (MPS) on Feasibility and Results.
(In coll. M.Congiu, R.Maggi, M.Melpignano, M.Franchi, C.Scarabelli, D.Mazza, S.Greggi, F.Maneschi, L.Carlini, G.Mangili, M.Miglierina, A.Sedati, R.Giannice, N.Manci, I.Palaia, P.Benedetti Panici
Internat J Gynecol Cancer. Vol. 7, Suppl. 1, 88, 1999
Summary: Data were retrieved from the database of an Italian MPS on EC treatment: of 325 patients older than 65 years, enrolled from Jan. 1990 to Dec. 1998, 290 were evaluable for the present study. Lymphadenectomy was performed in 81 pts.(28%): systematic pelvic or aortic in 35 (12%). Most frequent post-operative complication was fever in 116 (40%), cardio-vascular(including arrhythmia and/or hypertension) in 32 (11%), wound infection/breakdown in 29 (10%), gastrointestinal (including protracted ileus) in 9 (3%), deep venous thrombosis in 4 (1.5%), bleeding and incisional hernia occurred in 9 (3%) pts. Median postoperative stay was 7 days (range 2-34). Five-y DFS was 77% and 5-y overall survival was 85%. No perioperative death occurred.