135. Surgical staging of invasive squamous cell carcinoma of the vulva

Analysis of treatment and survival, (reprinted from International Surgery) pag.67-70. 1996
( in coll. M.Origoni, M.Dindelli, D.Ferrari, M.Rossi, A.Ferrari )
Summary: The records of patients treated for vulvar carcinoma at the University of Milan from January 1967 through December 1991 have been studied retrospectively, making an analysis of the results of surgical staging in terms of prognosis, morbidity and long-term survival. All cases have been revaluated and restaged according to the 1988 FIGO classification of vulvar cancer, considering 196 cases of primary invasive vulvar squamous carcinoma. Surgical treatments have been divided according to radicality. Ninety-five per cent of patients underwent radical vulvectomy with different degrees of limphadenectomy. Surgical mortality rate amounted to 2%. Surgical staging has not been related to increased early or late morbidity. Overall recurrence rate amounted to 19.9% without significant differences among FIGO stages. Five-year survivals amounted to 100%, 86.2%, 59.4%, 29.9%, and 20% for stages I, II, III, IVA and IVB respectively. Accurate surgical staging of vulvar carcinoma enables a precise prognosis and does not increase morbidity.