89. Primary carcinoma of the fallopian tube

Tumori. Vol. 79, pag. 40-44. 1993
( in coll. A. Pirondini, M. Pileri, G. Pifarotti, L. Busci, E. Rabaiotti, A. Ferrari )
Summary: Twenty-nine patients with fallopian tube cancer were treated at the Gynecologic Oncology Department of Milan University from 1970 to 1988. The mean patient age was 59 years. Parity, symptomatology and histology were considered. Distribution by stage was as follows: I ) 11 (37%); II ) 10 (34%); III ) 8 (27%) according to the Dodson classification. Twenty patients (69%) underwent surgery followed by pelvic irradiation. Adjuvant chemotherapy was performed in the treatment of 5 women with stage 1 disease, 6 with stage 2, and all 8 with stage 3. Five year overall survival was 41.38%: 47.6% at stages 1 and 2, and 25% at stage 3. Radiotherapy has now been replaced by cisplatin-based multiagent chemotherapy. Optimal surgical debulking combined with accurate lymph node sampling are not followed by systematic use of repeat laparotomy. The procedures described in this work improve the clinical assessment and patient survival, and make different series comparable.