81. Cytoplasmic Steroid Receptors in Normal and Neoplastic Endometrial Tissues

Italian Journal Gynecology and Obstetrics Vol 4, 3:109-112, 1992
(In coll. A.Pirondini, D.Ferrari, L.Busci, E.Rabaiotti, M.Dindelli, A.Ferrari)
Summary: Cytosol estradiol and progesterone receptors were evalueted simultaneously  normal and neoplastic tissue in 13 cases of endometrial carcinoma. In all patients estrogen receptors demonstrated a greater cytosolic concentration in the tumoral zone than in normal endometrium (p<0.001).  Poorly differentiated tumors (G4 according to Broders) had lower Estrogen receptor centrations in the neoplastic tissue than more differentiated cancers (p<0.001). Peritoneal Washings, lymphnodal evaluation and histologic type were well correlated with progesterone receptor levels in normal uterine tissue (p<0.001).