77. Pubourethral plication in prolapse surgery

Urogynaecologia International Journal Vol. 5 (2), pag. 81-87. 1991
( in coll. G. Banfi, L. Gandini, A. Pirondini, M. Dindelli, A. Ferrari )
Summary: A long-term clinical follow-up was realized in 103 patients affected by urogenital prolapse with or without “Genuine stress incontinence”(GSI) and treated by “pubourethral plication”(PLPU) during vaginal surgery. “Stress test” was employed for preoperative evaluation of GSI and confronted during long term follow-up. Ninety-two patients (89.3%) had complete postoperative recovery of urogenital prolapse. Pubourethral plication was able to prevent GSI in 96.9% of the patients affected by urogenital prolapse, while the long term follow-up confirmed a cure rate of 74.4% of the cases treated for GSI combined with significative pelvic relaxation (p< 0.001).