65. Valutazione dei potenziali evocati del pavimento pelvico: confronto tra parto spontaneo e cesareo

Rivista Italiana di Colon-Proctologia. Vol. 9, pag. 219-222.1990
( in coll. C. Cerri, L. Pellegatta, L. Piccinini, G. Banfi, A. Ferrari )
Summary: In patients with genital prolapse a muscular pathology of neurogenic origin has been demonstrated by previous histologic studies. The function of pelvic innervation has now been evaluated by electromyographic potentials in 10 women after normal delivery, and in 11 after cesarean section, to possibly find neurofunctional defects related to birth trauma. Latency intervals were equal in boths groups immediately after the delivery, while 2-3 months after vaginal delivery an alteration of spinal latency has been found.