46. Terapia chirurgica della incontinenza urinaria da sforzo in presenza di instabilità detrusoriale

Arch. It. Urol. Vol. L, pag. 279-283. 1988
( in coll. A. Celli, G. Pifarotti, A. Ferrari )
Summary: Thirty-five patients affected by stress urinary incontinence and bladder instability were submitted to colposuspension (Burch procedure) or vaginal repair (Kelly-Kennedy operation) in accord to the degree of urogenital prolapse. Postoperative urodynamic evaluation became completely normal in 16 cases (45.8%) and stress incontinence disappeared in 30 (85.7%). Multivariate analysis of urodynamic data introduce the hypothesis that after surgery an increased value of the first desire to void may be related to the hight value of very strong desire before the operation (hight capacity bladder). Bladder neck closure was able to remove (45.8% of cases) or reduce (31.4% of cases) the bladder instability after surgery.