32. Artificial air ionization and reduction of the bacterial load in a gynecologic operating room. Preliminary study

Ann Ostet Ginecol Med Perinat. 1986 Nov-Dec;107(6):369-73. (In coll. Caldarella M, Molteni P, Garlaschi L, Rossi G.)
The importance of artificial air ionization is studied in a gynecologic surgical room. Petri culture midia, for double control during basal condition, starting phase mantening phase and 1 and 2 hours after the stop of the artificial ionization. A computerized ionometer valued air ionization and progressive riduction of the bacterial charge during starting and mantening phases. Bacteriologic examination revealed on surgical bed 38 bacteric colonies during starting phase and 20 colonies at mantening phase versus 67 bacterial colonies and 3 moulds in basal condition. 51 bacteric colonies were present on surgical instruments table during starting phase and 31 colonies during mantening phase versus 64 colonies in basal conditions. Slow increase of bacteric colonies resulted 1 and 2 hours after the stop of artificial ionization. Future studies will be able to value the specific sensibility of different bacteria to artificial ionization.